The following resources are intended to support applicants and potential applicants:

Designation Criteria

Reviewers will use the following criteria to evaluate applications. Communities should also refer to these criteria  to help determine which designation level they should apply for prior to submitting a letter of interest.  

Sample Applications

PDF Copies of each application are available for communities to review and share with partners. Please note: Applications are completed through a separate online platform. Communities who have already submitted an invitation and received an invitation to apply will be sent a direct link to the application platform. *Applications are subject to change.

Bronze level application
Silver level application
Gold level application

What Works for Health Strategies

To showcase accomplishments, applicants will be asked to identify which  What Works for Health database strategies were adopted in their community work. Communities may also find this resource helpful in selecting evidence-informed programs and policies to improve community health. These instructions describe how to navigate the database. 

Assessing and Improving Community Health in Wisconsin database

The University of Wisconsin's Population Health Institute has compiled community health assessments and improvement plans from hospitals and health departments across the state of Wisconsin into an online tool that highlights the health priorities and planned actions of communities across the state. Awareness of shared health priorities across the state and in local communities creates opportunities for shared learning and alignment of efforts.